Future Leaders Program (FLP)

CastleAsia in partnership with ELAvate Training Indonesia are honored to launch the “Future Leaders Program” (FLP) for ICP members’ employees and their affiliate companies. The FLP is designed to develop the leadership potential of your loyal, high potential employees who will be promoted to lead your organization now and in the future. This program is aimed at cultivating a pipeline of skilled and visionary leaders who will drive your organization to new levels of success.

The Premise

The premise for the FLP is CastleAsia and ELAvate have observed over 40 years that many young Indonesian leaders are promoted much quicker than found in developed nations. This can lead to a gap between their position in the organization and their leadership skill level needed to drive and motivate performance of their departments, teams and processes

The FLP Solution

The FLP is a comprehensive research based training combined on the job applications program designed to cultivate and prepare high-potential employees for promotion to future leadership roles within our organization. The program is process driven to equip the FLP participants with the knowledge, skills, and process necessary to thrive in senior leadership positions, ensuring a robust pipeline of future leaders for your organization’s sustainable success.

Download here the more detailed FLP curriculum and measurement of success process

The FLP Objective

The FLP program aims to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Grow and nurture high-potential employees with exceptional leadership potential.
  • Develop critical leadership skills. competencies and processes necessary for success in current and future leadership roles.
  • Cultivate a robust pipeline of future leaders to support your organization’s long-term growth and strategic objectives.
  • Enhance employee engagement and motivation by fostering a culture of trusting relationships, continuous improvement that leads to results.
  • Improve organizational performance and leadership effectiveness through the application of acquired leadership skills by FLP participants.
  • FLP is process driven that holds the participants accountable to apply the FLP skills and processes back on their job by employing feedback, testing, application and projects with coaching feedback.

A Nine Month Results Driven Leadership Development Program

Interactive Workshop Curriculum

Led by seasoned leadership experts and trainers, these monthly sessions will cover diverse leadership topics such as strategic thinking, team building, effective communication, conflict resolution, and organizational change management.

Experiential Learning Activities

Participants will engage in various practical exercises, including case studies, simulations, and role-playing scenarios, allowing them to apply classroom learnings to real-world challenges and hone their problem-solving and decision-making skills.


Individual Coaching

Workshop participation is capped at 12 leaders. Participants will receive personalized coaching sessions with experienced leadership coaches who will provide supportive feedback, guidance, and strategies tailored to their individual leadership development needs.

On the Job Applications

Every workshop ends with a measurable on the job applications that is shared with workshop participants and graded for skill use and outcomes. This creates participant accountability to learn and apply the FLP skills.

FLP Research and Trainers

FLP draws from the CastleAsia and ELAvate research of training Indonesian leaders for over 30 years collaborating with the following authors, with how many years of collaboration.

ELAvate Experience

The senior master trainer and coach for the FLP is Michael J Griffin, the founder of ELAvate and supported by ELAvate Indonesian senior trainer Atik Suharyati. Mr. Griffin has +30 years global training experience and Atik with 14 years. We have trained well over 800 companies across the world.

Maxwell Leadership

Founded by Dr. John Maxwell, the world’s most prolific leadership author having sold over 28 million books. – Since 2002.

TTI Success Insights

The world’s largest producer of leadership profiles. Seven seconds of every day someone is completing a TTISI profile. – Since 1997.

Korn Ferry/AchieveGlobal

The world’s premier executive search company has acquired the leadership modules of AchieveGlobal/Forum used by 60% of the Fortune 500. – Since 1992.

Trompenaars Hamden-Turner

Harvard Business Review calls THT one of the top three cross cultural management and DEI consultants in the world. Since 1995.

Harvard Business School

ELAvate has permission to train strategy mapping and scorecards from the research of Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Norton. – Since 1999.

Growing Leaders

Dr. Tim Elmore has developed the widely acclaimed Habitudes leadership training for Gen Y and Z millennials. – Since 2005.

Who Should Attend the FLP?

The Future Leaders Program is typically designed for individuals within your organization who have accomplished exceptional team or departmental performance, have future leadership potential, and demonstrated loyalty to the organization vision, mission and values. The FLP nominations are open to CastleAsia ICP member organizations and their affiliates.

FLP Investment

The cost of the nine session Future Leaders Program is USD 12,000* + VAT, representing a strategic investment in the future of your organization. This investment will yield significant returns through improved leadership, enhanced organizational performance, and employee and team loyalty. CastleAsia offers member discounts when more than one leader from one company is nominated for the program:

  • One nominee                            List Price (0% Nil Discount)
  • Two nominees                           5% Discount on Total amount
  • Three nominees                        10% Discount on Total amount
  • Four nominees                          15% Discount on Total amount
  • Five & above nominees         20% Discount on Total amount

*The price for ICP members is USD 10,000 + VAT.

Nominate Your Leader

For further information on the FLP and registrations, please contact:

Mimi Kaida

+62 855 781 0675

Eka Susanti

+62 812 1094 6699


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