More than 100 multinational companies in Indonesia trust the ICP, the largest CEO forum in Indonesia. Members receive timely and insightful reports on the Indonesian business and political climate on a weekly basis and attend online meeting opportunities that informs the most crucial issues surrounding Indonesia today.

During these uncertain times in Indonesia and the region, be more certain by joining CastleAsia’s exclusive CEO forum, the Indonesia Country Program (ICP).

The ICP, your accurate and insightful source of business information in Indonesia.

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the business community in Indonesia and globally, there is no better time to join the ICP!

SAmple ICP Reports

CastleAsia’s reports are an integral part of the program. Every week, ICP members receive timely and insightful reports that cover various topics in Indonesia’s business, economic and political climate. These reports provide accurate and timely information to help with decision-making. Samples of past reports can be accessed below.

*Please note that sample reports attached on this page are older reports and the reports attached on this page are updated on a monthly basis.

Not an ordinary program

The Indonesia Country Program is not simply a series of presentations and regular written reports. It is a forum for dialogue and the exchange of views and experiences with other directors and country managers from various industries with a range of business objectives. We provide the opportunity to think outside the box.

The common denominator among our members is the necessity to stay on top of the fast pace of change in Indonesian business conditions and to understand the implications for managers.

Nominate your Top Staff

Membership entitles you to nominate additional managers from your organization who have a senior role. All nominated attend ICP meetings at no extra cost.

Substitute Executives

For any particular meeting, we are flexible about who attends; the only condition we ask is that participants be senior managers. If you or other nominated executives are away, you may send an appropriate substitute.

Bring along Company Visitors

If your head office managers are visiting, their attendance may add considerable value to their schedules.

Plan your trips and meetings

We try to set out our annual schedule well in advance so that you may plan your itinerary accordingly.

Valuable weekly and (bi)monthly updates

Take advantage of the reports we send out weekly. With our latest forecasts and sector reports, we can ensure that you are well-informed and better prepared to meet your management challenges. You are free to distribute our reports within your company.

Data-base access

We will be pleased to provide urgently needed statistics and other business information from the extensive in-house databases of CastleAsia.

Invaluable Network

Particularly if an executive is a new member, we will be pleased to help introduce you to other members within your sphere of business interest or with whom possible business opportunities may lie.

Talk to us

Share with us your concerns and make suggestions as to how you think we can improve the program and add even greater value to your membership.